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About The Ron Spencer Legacy Foundation Inc.

Founded in September 2020 to honor its namesake, The Ron Spencer Foundation Inc. is incorporated in the State of Indiana and is a 501(c)3 organization.

Our Mission

Our mission is to honor Ron Spencer’s significant contributions to the growth of the arts in Greater Indianapolis, ensuring his legacy as a pioneer of independent theatre endures through our efforts.

Our Purpose

The purpose of The Ron Spencer Legacy Foundation is:

  1. to gather and maintain a historical record of Ron Spencer’s tenure at Theatre on the Square, which he founded;
  2. to establish and maintain physical memorial(s) created in Mr. Spencer’s honor;
  3. to establish and maintain a grant program to benefit local theatre groups seeking to stage performances consistent
    with the Organization’s requirements; and
  4. other purposes as may be deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors in the future.

Our Vision

We are dedicated to carrying on Ron Spencer’s vision of supporting theatre that challenges audiences, includes and/or spotlights marginalized populations and broadens the artistic and social horizons in the Greater Indianapolis area. We envision a community where artists have the financial support needed to produce great theatre in new and innovative ways, and who know the sacrifices and stories of those who came before.

Our Values

We believe the impact of Ron Spencer and his tireless efforts extends far beyond the walls of any building.

We share a common belief that theatre trailblazers are an essential part of any strong economy, and should be celebrated as such.

We honor all those who have paved the way for theatre in Indianapolis, and we believe the greatest tribute comes from supporting and encouraging those who are to come.

We will bring a spirit of positivity, creativity and open-mindedness to all our activities, events and programs.